Been a slower Dofus week. Thanksgiving has me just relaxing, plus i hit one of my goals, next is 180 :3 Now to end the night with some Mulan, none of that sequel shit. Night all <3 Zazazing ;3

Annnnnd BAM! level 6 playful, next goal  in my mind is ougaa&#8230; this character is getting closer and closer. So pumped :3 

zachtylerr asked:
Which server are you on? :o

Oh, completely forgot about that whole  server thing, hehe. I’m on the Rosal server :D


So in about a few days I’ve managed another 5 lvls. Can almost use lvl 6 playful claw. So pumped. 35 to go, hopefully going to be 170 by the end of this week. would aim for it tonight but there’s unfortunately a server maintenance coming up.image

zachtylerr asked:
Hi! I noticed you played Dofus, and I'm in love with Dofus, well, was haha. I haven't played in 4 years, but I used to play it so much for 2-3 straight years, and now I wanna come back! I don't know anyone though, so it's boring already and i'm only level 13 haha.

Haha, it’s awesome to see you getting back in. It’ll be tough :o Especially after the massive 2.0 update which in my opinion ruined it for a little bit, but Dofus always has a special place. Add me on my main, Zazazing. I’ll see if I can’t help you out at all. :)

My little side kick :3 full mino waiting for me at 163, i cant wait :D certainly helped out in frig to have my own leecher, as well as help out others who need a wee bit of leeching.

40 more to go :)


I’m getting so bored of frigost ;_; but im finally making progress. Ecaflip hit 160  today, and feca finally got to 125 for my new int set. Now i can resub my Sac and off we go :D Cannot wait to actually be productive without the help of such a quiet community. 

Dofus subscription

I’m out of sub.. Waaaaah. I don’t feel like paying, but i has to ._.




Okay for everyone that reblogs this I will draw a little character based on your blog!


come on guys I wanna be busy ;;

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The most accurate post on Tumblr.

Haw haw haw, she`s mine, mwahahaha, awesome.